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Carlotta Clare

My Sun Rises in your Smile

My piece is an exploration of facial expressions and the stories they can tell. The expressions that people make the most will result in the most prominent lines, giving glimpses of that person’s story and experiences. I wanted to focus on the variety of expressions, the small details of people’s faces that often get overlooked, and the ease with which people move between various expressions, even without being aware of it.

In a society that values youth and perfection, wrinkles are almost as stigmatised as scars, and are seen as imperfections rather than signs of experience. Even the lines that appear from smiling are named ‘crow’s feet’, a rather unfair and negative comparison in my opinion. I wanted to reframe the way in which visible signs of aging are perceived, and focus on the beauty of natural, unrestrained displays of emotion. I find a great sense of comfort in knowing that, even in moments of great sadness and anguish, reminders of past joy are never further than my own face.

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