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Esme Davison

Disembodied Man

My Piece is a collection of the fragments of embodiment felt simultaneously during the feeling of disembodiment -- in which the unity of ‘myself’ as an embodied being, whose subjective experience is unknowingly dictated by many of the biological parameters of their body is thrown into disarray. Suddenly these physical limitations become crystal clear; paradoxically the relationship between the self and the body is illuminated while it disintegrates, leaving an overwhelming sense of detachment and a sense of falling into the biological walls of oneself, which rapidly close in. I have tried to capture this sense of disharmony and engulfment with watercolor and pencil, depicting a man who’s splintered versions of himself rest on the background of the biological body. Where although divided, the beauty of the simple cell glows in gold to represent the lifeforce that remains within him.

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