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Moya Thomas

Pieces of Perspective

Physical trauma and the scars left behind are etched on the body of the individual but also tell a story of their own. Through life, the physical scars we accumulate reflect our past experiences and show the resilience of the physical body and its ability to heal and mend. 

The mental scars left after experiences, however, can be profound but remain invisible to the naked eye. This piece was inspired by the connection between scars on the physical body and the subjective experience of the individual. Perspective shapes the way individuals view themselves and others. Physical scars are a part of what makes a person and reflect their experiences and can be pieced together to tell a story.
Working with mixed media to build representations of the physical form shows how the individual pieces combine to make a whole. The arrangement of separated pieces introduces a visual perspective which challenges how scars and the physical body are viewed; complicated by layers of colour and a discontinuity, we are still able to recognise the parts of the body represented. The representation of physical scars in this piece encourages viewers to consider the stories behind them and how our perspective can be altered or skewed. What subjective experience can we infer from the physical form, and do we perceive physical and mental scars in a different way? 

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