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Healing the Divide

 iBAMH end-of-year exhibition 2021-22

Each year the University of Bristol offers medical students, internal and external, the opportunity to pause their studies and gain a BA in medical humanities.  Joining English and Philosophy students, these students are able to explore some of the wider issues around healthcare.  They are also encouraged to explore creative arts-based inquiry.

Their creative pieces form the centre of the exhibition, which the students put together after their final exams are over.  This year the pieces were focused on considerations of the role the arts might play in healing the divide between Medicine and the Humanities.  The creative pieces were supplemented by reports of the students' experience in learning about the role that music, art and theatre may play in therapy, and also about how the arts might contribute to well-being within the medical community. These pages archive both creative work and reports.

The exhibition's home this year, as previously, is The People's Republic of Stokes Croft's 'The Space'.  This is quite a large venue, and so, as in previous years, the exhibition also hosted a seminar and plenary talk. The seminar was on the topic of social prescribing, an approach to health for which Bristol has been one of the lead cities in the UK. We were delighted to be able to draw together, with the help of Medicine360, a distinguished panel who represented various of the communities involved in social prescribing. We were also honoured to welcome, as our plenary speaker, Lucy Jones, the author of Losing Eden.

On a large wall on Jamaica Street, the 'outside' gallery to our indoor exhibition, @WERM_LRS started off the 3rd of our #medicineonthewalls projects with a piece of street art celebrating Edward Jenner.  The Jenner Museum Museum (@DrJennersHouse) has been a good friend of the iBAMH and we try when we can to help raise the visibility of this local museum with global importance.

Finally, this year we were asking visitors to the exhibition, seminar and talk for donations to, a local charity which provides music therapy for people of all ages in Bristol and the South West.

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