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Emer O'Kane


I chose the design of the Celtic Triquetra or ‘Trinity Knot’ and the hugely talented Rebecca Strauss tattooed it onto my ankle as she was getting her own tattoo. The trinity knot is an inherently Irish symbol representing the fine balance and intertwinement of mind, body and soul. This year in MedHums has served as a ‘rebalancing’ year for me. I realised I am the best version of myself when my physical, mental, social and emotional elements are all nourished. Too often in medical school, our intellectual ‘mind’ is prioritised above body or soul and so readdressing this balance became a personal responsibility that was imperative to my overall success and happiness. I am delighted to have received this tattoo as a small reminder that this Irish girl identified and gathered all the pieces of herself while on a wonderful adventure out in Bristol, accompanied by five life-long friends.

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