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Adam Bennett

Collective Pulse

This piece embarks on the exploration of the inherent longing for connection that persists within our own bodies. The path to bodily liberation becomes illuminated to me when I reflect on the power of intimacy. In a world where individuality reigns supreme and the dominating power structures render us disconnected, we may find ourselves trapped in the prison of our own bodies. Through intimacy and bodily connection, we may let go of the illusion of the ‘individual’ and embrace the interconnectedness of our beings. 

The contrasting shapes and colours represent the diversity of feeling and thought in each of us that becomes a tapestry of intertwined bodies when combined. The central theme lies not in the embrace itself, but rather in the liberation that emanates from this connection. Through this connection we may shed anxieties and the burdens of our individual existence, to find an ephemeral moment of peace. These moments serve as a reminder of the infinite possibilities that unfold when we come together to embrace the boundless.  

Screen-printed design included is from ProjectPancheewa.

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