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Gaby Hakim


My Christian faith and my relationship with Jesus has shaped so much of who I am. I wanted to create a piece the conveyed the difference this has made in my life. The basis of my faith is the death Jesus suffered on the cross - his body being broken - so that I might have life in its fullest form and be healed or ‘mended’ of my pain and brokenness. 

Titled ‘Tehila’, meaning praise in Hebrew, this poem tells the story of the healing I have found for the wounds in my life through Jesus’ love. Though these wounds have left scars, perhaps something we all relate to when we have suffered emotionally, they are a testimony of the work Jesus has done within me and a means of looking at how far I have come. 

My piece has been handwritten to convey the stripping back of self that has happened on my journey of faith. It demonstrates the deeply personal nature of my walk; one that has been so intimate, yet so simple.

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