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Visitors Book

>>What a wonderful exhibition! We loved how varied all your artworks (+ poems!) were. I hope you guys got as much from this course as I did years ago.  Adriana and Charlotte.

>>Absolutely love the knitted brain -- my fave. 

>>A few things really resonated with me - I recently did a tiny bit of work using collage - and also the notion of kintsugi. Also, on reading Zin’s note about his work around Vietnamese refugees - I’ve just come from an exhibition at the Museum of the Home of works by artists of the Vietnamese diaspora. Thanks. Kate


>> A very contemplative and mellow experience. Thought provoking as to the intertwining of the Medical and Creative fields. Would love to see More. Many Thanks.

>>The stolen eye piece resonated with me. The complex understanding of patient and professional is often overlooked; however, you have captured that really well.  Kaz (5th Year UoB)

>>I enjoyed how playful the film was.  The brain was particularly impressive -- very anatomically accurate!

>>Fantastic exhibition both highlighting important issues and great talent. I especially loved the braind.  Thank you.

>>Thought provoking and enjoyabble. Thank you! 

>>Brilliant exhibition with some fascinating pieces that evoke reflection around the mind body connection.

>>Thanks for having me! what wonderful pieces :-)

>>Beautiful poem Gabby, and wonder if you have read Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen... I found much in there to reflect on as clinician walking alongside and going through suffering...

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