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Creative Sessions

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The iBAMH students have been meeting in the Cass Art Space since 2018.


This adaptable, informal, studio space has proved a popular gathering space for exchange, dialogue within hands-on workshops throughout the course:


'I really enjoyed being able to use the Art Space at Cass Art. Everyone was friendly and helpful and the shop has a relaxed atmosphere. The Art Space is great for working; there is always an interesting exhibition on display, they play good music and there is plenty of space to spread out. I have always felt very welcome.' 


‘I found it a really welcoming atmosphere and a calming space to work in…also, the changing artworks on the walls helped stem new ideas along the way in the themes that we would like to talk about.’


‘I loved the opportunity to be able to express creativity freely in a safe space. Responding to each other’s work was something that came about organically. The sculpture of the foot was something my course-mate made, to which I quickly sculpted a pointe shoe. His foot is making impact on the ground, and I felt like a point shoe does the opposite in terms being dainty and only having the tips of your toes contacting the ground, but it makes impact in the same way.’  

Alongside scheduled creative enquiry, occasional drop-in sessions brought together humanities  researchers and  creative practitioners across the University such as  artist Gaby Solly  who shared her emerging process in developing her commissioned film: ‘We Breathe’ launched at the Catch Your Breath Bristol exhibition. Mireia Bes also joined a drop-in session sharing her public engagement role within Health & Life Sciences at Bristol University and also her perspectives as a participatory artist/activist across communities including her home city of Barcelona.


The ethos of the Creative Piece workshops supports collaborative exploration of shared ideas leading up to the annual end of year exhibition. Due to ‘Lockdown’, our final workshop was in late February – breaking this habitual dialogical process. As with many other courses, we adapted, meeting online, and adopting an 'outsider witnessing' methodology as part of the creation and exhibiting of the final pieces.

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