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Eating is one of our most common daily activities. It seems natural and personal. It is also perhaps the first and most basic way we look after our health.


In part because of that, eating is also a highly medicalized and politicized activity. We are told to eat well for our own health, and also for the health of the NHS, and the nation.


And eating can be a highly socialized activity; how and what you eat are key to how you are seen by others.


But you are not what you eat. A lean person eating a burger and chips is seen to lead a praiseworthy active life. An overweight person eating the same meal is seen as demonstrating a selfish lack of willpower.


Eating is a cultural minefield. Our panelists have the knowledge needed to tread carefully in this area while engaging with some of the big questions:

What is healthy eating? What is a healthy weight? If we do wish to control our weight, are there effective - and safe - methods?


Jeff Brunstrom is a professor with cross-cultural expertise in the psychobiological controls of food intake. Ally Jaffee is the co-founder of Nutritank, an online information hub that campaigns for more emphasis on nutrition in medical education. Anthony Warner, aka The Angry Chef, is a professional chef and author of The Truth About Fat (2019).

There will be plenty of time to ask questions afterwards - but please remember how personal issues around eating can be.

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