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19 Stories: Narrative and Illness

Our seventh medicine360 podcast has just been released. The topic of discussion is the role of narrative in illness and medicine. Kerry Mead is a freelance writer from Bristol who created, a digital archive of the stories of ordinary people recounting their various experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the podcast she is in conversation with Dr Jasmine Virk, a Junior Doctor who qualified at the beginning of the pandemic. They discuss the archive and the felt importance of sharing our stories, and look particularly at how the pandemic has effected the experiences of motherhood, isolation, and community.

The podcast features ‘mothering in a pandemic’, a recording by Dr Anna Halsall, a London GP, looking back at how exhausting and difficult the pandemic has been, and how it has forced a reckoning with many previously ignored issues.

For our previous podcasts see the 'Podcast' page (tab above), or find us on Spotify, iTunes, or Soundcloud.


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