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A day of renowned speakers & best-selling authors -- 26 June, Bristol -- Tickets now available

Updated: May 10, 2023

Bodies is a project of Great Western Hospitals Trust with Medicine 360

Bodies is pleased to welcome a variety of renowned guest speakers who have changed and challenged perceptions of the body within their fields.

Speakers include:

Rachel Clarke, NHS palliative care doctor (Your Life In My Hands, Dear Life, Breathtaking);

Sophie De Oliveria Burrata, founder of The Alternative Limb Project;

Chris Luke, consultant in emergency care (A Life in Trauma);

Kat Lyons, Bristol City Poet;

Sabeena Pirooz of The Sky Project;

Lesel Dawson and Lucy Selman of Good Grief: A Festival; Mark Taubert, consultant in palliative care and founder of TalkCPR;

Ian Williams, GP, comic artist, and founder of (The Bad Doctor, The Lady Doctor);

and the team behind the remarkable Channel 4 documentary My Dead Body.

The day is aimed at the public, health professionals and all of us who have been, or will be, patients.

Overview of the Event

The event is divided into two parts: a day and an evening.

The day will run from 9:30am to 5:15pm and will consist of series of talks and panel discussions from the speakers, and poems from Bristol City Poet Kat Lyons. Lunch and pastries will be provided by iconic Bristol eateries, Farro and Little Bagel Co. There will also be the opportunity to purchase books at the event courtesy of Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft.

The evening will run from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Rachel Clarke and then Henry Marsh will be speaking on 'Speaking Out and Saving Lives- The Spectacular Power of Story', and 'And Finally - Matters of Life and Death'. Both speakers will be considering the present conflict in Ukraine, including their amazing work with Hospice Ukraine.

Hospice Ukraine is a UK-registered charity which is dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals in Ukraine to provide comfort, dignity and palliative care for all in need at end of life. There will be a bucket collection at the end of the evening to raise funds for this important work.

Further information and tickets are available on eventbrite. Tickets may be bought for the whole event, or the day or evening separately.

Supported by the University of Bristol's Centre for Health, Humanities and Science, the Department of English, and the intercalated BA in Medical Humanities.


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