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Death and Dying: a philosopher, a consultant, and a funeral director in conversation

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Our eighth Medicine 360 podcast has just been released. In it, Professor Havi Carel, Dr Sam Guglani and Louise Winter discuss the topics of death and dying.

What makes people afraid of death? Has the pandemic impacted peoples' perception of death and dying? Does death give meaning and significance to our lives? How might an awareness of our mortality alter the ways in which we live and conduct our lives?

Havi Carel is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Bristol and has published many books and articles on philosophy and illness. Sam Guglani is a Consultant Oncologist in Cheltenham, an author, and the founder of Medicine Unboxed, a festival and web resource that examines the links between medicine and the arts. Louise Winter is a progressive funeral director in London and co-author of We all know how this ends.*

The podcast is hosted by Ishminder Mangat, a junior doctor in Bristol. We hope you enjoy listening.

For our previous podcasts see the 'Podcast' page (tab above), or find us on Spotify, iTunes, or Soundcloud.

*Podcast includes code for a 25% discount at


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