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MSF: HIV in South Sudan

In our fourth student-hosted Medicine 360 podcast, Dr Isaac Batali shares his insider's perspective and knowledge about how MSF (Medécins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders) is working to combat HIV/AIDS in areas like South Sudan.

He talks about what led him to join MSF, and discusses the medical and educational efforts in South Sudan to combat HIV. He talks about the different kinds of challenges those efforts face: the problem of the stigma of AIDS; the presence of military conflict; and natural crises such as flooding. How does MSF promote lifelong adherence to treatment plans in such a context? And empower people to look after their own health.

Isaac Batali is a South Sudanese doctor working with MSF-OCA* in the Lankien hospital in South Sudan. He mainly takes care of the in- and outpatients for HIV. Along with the medical testing and treatment of HIV, Dr Batali is involved in organising community support groups which aim to inspire people to be more open to conversations about HIV as a step towards changing the ways in which HIV is viewed.

The podcast is hosted by Jimin Han, a second-year medical student at the University of Bristol who has an interest in MSF and HIV-care in areas of conflict and instability.

Glossary of some medical terminology used in this podcast

ART -- Antiretroviral Therapy (for HIV)

MD -- Doctor of Medicine (US degree name)

Useful links to resources mentioned in the podcast and to resources discussing MSF's projects combating HIV

Zoleka Lobi’s Story -- accept responsibility for AIDS, not fear

MSF: projects on HIV -- some quick facts

You may like to make a donation to MSF

*OCA -- 'The Operational Centre Amsterdam is a cooperation between MSF United Kingdom, MSF Germany and MSF Holland. The Operational Centre Amsterdam operates on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the 3 partner Associations.'


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