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Social Prescribing -- a resource page with a Bristol slant

Updated: May 9, 2023

This page follows on from the discussion panel on social prescribing held as part of the intercalated BA in Medcial Humanities end-of-year celebration (25th May, 2022). We would like to thank again our speakers: Lucy Duggan, The Human Nature Project; Paul Jones, participant; Will Shipp, social prescribing link worker; Marion Steiner, GP; Samantha Walton, author of Everybody Needs Beauty; Will Walton-Freeman, Blue Prescribing, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. Our thanks also to the audience. The session was chaired by Dr Katie Hall, for

From the panel discussion, the Q&A, and the conversations afterwards, it became clear that some way of gathering together useful sources of information on social prescribing and related matters would be welcome. This page -- which is under development and will be added to -- is a first attempt at doing that. The speakers were asked to suggest their 'top 5 links or tips'. We will also be asking the audience for their suggestions, and as both come in they will be added here.

As that suggests, the list that follows is in no order of importance, but simply (more or less) in order of arrival. Towards the bottom of the page are some links relevant to particular areas in Bristol.

We hope you find the page of use.

1. Lucy Duggan from The Human Nature Project

2. Marion Steiner from Southmead and Henbury Family Practice

  • Festival of Nature -- 'The UK’s largest free celebration of the natural world’ June 10-18th 2022- lots of free taster sessions

  • 30 Days Wild -- National Wildlife Trusts across the country encouraging people to spend time in nature in variety of ways during June - good for individuals, families, workplaces

  • Nature Connectedness Course -- online free resource from the University of Derby- a practical course backed up with lots of research, very user-friendly at all levels

  • Visit a Social Prescribing project locally, e.g. Southmead Development Trust, to see what they’re up to -- you can see a flavour of what they offer here

  • Have a look at what the Social Prescribing Network are doing nationally and internationally

3. Will Freeman from WWT (Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust)

('I have headed in the "green/blue social prescribing" direction and provided a few links, texts and tips on the pitfalls and possibilities within this')

  • University of Exeter – Nature on Prescription Handbook

  • Cormac Russell – Rekindling Democracy (community development and citizen-led action. Broad discussion on where we are and where we could be)

  • Julian Abel and Lindsey Clarke – The Compassion Project (great example from Frome in Somerset of a broader-than social prescribing model that centres of building compassionate communities. There's an audiobook, too.)

  • Nurture Development – Centre for Asset-based community development & training and learning

  • Flock Together – a people-run collective supporting access to the natural world for people of diverse backgrounds through bird watching

  • Find/create spaces of diversity - that is also diversity of experience, opinion and outlook - and find shared ways to collaborate

  • Remembering citizenship - think of something you enjoy, that lights you up, and ask someone if they might want to do it with you. Try to remain curious, rather than helpful. If you and two [neighbours] came together, what would you care enough to act on?

4. Will Shipp, a Bristol-based Social Prescribing Link Worker, Facilitator, and Health Coach

By Region

Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire -- Green Social Prescribing Directory

Download PDF • 1.45MB


Eastville - Roots to Wellbeing
Download PDF • 4.59MB


Hartcliffe - Roots to Wellbeing
Download PDF • 4.59MB



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