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Endurance Sport and Sleep

What is endurance sport? Why do people do it?


What is it like to race non-stop, unsupported, on a bicycle for 4,000 km? What does it do to your body? What does it do to your emotions, and to your thoughts? What role does the lack of sleep play in the impact on body and mind? How important to the body's self-regulation is sleep? How important is it to the mind's? Can a lack of sleep be managed or ameliorated by training? How central to the experience of endurance sport is the lack of sleep?

Medicine 360 has organized a panel of speakers with a wide variety of relevant expert knowledge to discuss these and other questions.   


Juliana Buhring and Emily Chappell are two of the most famous names on the ultradistance cycling scene.  Matt Jones is a professor of neuroscience, and knows a great deal of what there is to know about sleep. Jonathan Robinson, from Team Bath, is an expert in the application of lab-based sport-science to training regimes.


Come to hear them discuss the experience and science of ultradistance, endurance sport. 


There will be plenty of time to ask questions afterwards.

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