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Trauma and Displacement

What is it like to be displaced from home, and to travel for days, weeks, months or years in search of safety? What are the effects of trauma? How can people be helped to share their stories?


In anticipation of National Refugee Week, Medicine 360 partners with Waterstones to bring together a panel of speakers who have worked with refugees and asylum seekers, and have found the arts to be helpful in crises.


Rissa Mohabir is the founder of Trauma Awareness, and author of Leaving our Homeland: Syria to the Isle of Bute. Forward Maisokwadzo, a former Zimbabwean journalist, is manager of Bristol City of Sanctuary. Marian Liebmann, OBE, is a long time campaigner for social justice through art therapy and mediation. Teresa Thornhill is a barrister and author of several books on the Middle East. In Hara Hotel she weaves the larger political histories of the Syrian conflict around the daily life of a refugee camp in Greece.


This panel discussion will be chaired by Thanos Tsapas, a consultant psychiatrist.

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