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Visitors Book

A fascinating resource - thanks to Sonya for sharing it. It's inspirational to see the barriers come down between arts and science. (Anita, Leeds)

It was really interesting to see the breadth of artwork everyone came up with and the meaning behind the different pieces. Really thought-provoking and beautiful exhibition! (Hannah, Bristol)

It is inspiring to see how thoughtful and provocative these creative pieces are, and how they bring to life various dilemmas within our current times and in the practice of medicine. The online format doesn’t seem to detract from their power. I particularly enjoyed reading the reflective processes employed by the artists and the group at large, which for me led to deeper understandings about the work. (Katie, Bristol)

Great exhibition, well-curated and highly interesting. The quality of the pieces on show is very high. Congratulations to all involved. (alichester)

Great stuff - well done, everyone! (df18307)

Fantastic exhibition! I am impressed with, and moved by, the vulnerability and honesty that went into your pieces. Congratulations for all your hard work! (adina.covaci)

I was saddened not to be able to come to the exhibition space and see the creators of these wonderful pieces. However, the reflective power of the pieces comes through clearly in this online exhibition. I very much enjoyed the images and words - unsurprisingly, all touching on the current pandemic. The exploration of touch, identity, space and place and mood is rich and moving. Thank you, iBAMHers and John and Catherine, and anyone else involved (sorry - I don't know who that is!) for putting this together. It is beautifully done and a real reflection of the work and thought put into each piece. (havi.carel)

Splendid iniative - and absolutely fascinating to see. More, please... (david.dewar)

Another inspiring and beautiful exhibition from the iBAMH students - this year capturing some of the weird and wonderful moments of the pandemic. Thank you! (genevieve.liveley)

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