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Proud Flesh

 iBAMH end-of-year exhibition 2023-24

Each year the University of Bristol offers medical, veterinary and dental students, from Bristol and other universities, the opportunity to pause their medical degree and gain a BA in medical humanities.  Joining English and Philosophy students, these students are able to explore some of the wider issues around healthcare.  They are also encouraged to explore creative arts-based inquiry.

This exhibition, Proud Flesh (for an explanation of the name, see the copy of the Exhibition poster below), comes at the end of these students' study and is built around a range of creative pieces from the students which consider bodies -- bodies broken, bodies mended, and bodies as seen by others. These works are supplemented by reports of the students' experience in learning about the role that music, art and theatre may play in therapy, and also about how the arts might contribute to well-being within the medical community.

The exhibition's home this year, as previously, is The Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft's 'The Space'. 

We would like to thank all of those contributing to this exhibition and the programme this year, and to the Departments of Philosophy and English, and the CHHS for their support of this exhibition, This year we were asking visitors to the exhibition, seminar and talk for donations to The Drive Project, a charity which uses 'storytelling and the arts as a tool for training, recovery, and wellbeing.' 

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